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Fine-Tune Your Dataset Management With V7 & Voxel51

V7 and Voxel51 integration will help you drive maximum value from your data and maximize annotation efficiency—while decreasing data volumes.

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Why Businesses Choose V7


We're experts in helping turn data into software for companies across multiple industries. We support a variety of use cases and data formats for images, videos, and medical imagery.


There's an ecosystem of integrations available - connect to your MLOps pipeline, host data privately, or load datasets into tools like Databricks.


V7 repeatedly won the Best Support award on G2 and our Account Executives will guide you on the best solutions to build a best-in-class data stack.


V7 offers best-in-class solutions for challenging computer vision tasks, helping teams generate ground truth 10x faster.


Efficient management of ML workflows and their underlying data is required to build better AI products at scale.

Model training

V7 customers consistently achieve over 97% model accuracy by building AI workflows with humans in the loop.



Voxel51 is the company behind FiftyOne, the leading open-source toolkit for building high-quality datasets and computer vision models. AI teams around the world rely on FiftyOne and FiftyOne Teams to visualize, curate, manage, and QA data, and automate the workflows that make enterprise machine learning possible.

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Our Partnership

V7 is a powerful AI data engine enabling better AI products to reach the market faster. Key features include auto-labeling, dataset management, customizable workflows, and the highest security standards.

The collaboration between Voxel51 and V7 enables joint customers to easily curate new datasets, calibrate, correct, and augment existing ones, and leverage active learning workflows. All of this will help improve model accuracy, minimize annotation costs, and speed up time-to-market.

Key Benefits of V7 and 



Dataset curation for smarter annotation

FiftyOne by Voxel51 helps users identify the most relevant samples from their datasets to send to V7 for annotation. You can create diverse, representative data subsets and achieve better model accuracy on the same budget.

Dataset improvements

This integration allows you to efficiently optimize your existing datasets and analyze annotation quality to boost model performance even further.

Seamless data transfers

You can easily send data back and forth between Voxel51’s FiftyOne platform and V7 via an API—to reduce the time and effort needed for transfers and tighten your current MLOPs pipeline.

Support for all data formats

V7 handles all images and videos in native formats. We also support medical imagery, including DICOM, NIfTI, and WSI.

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V7 is the AI data engine for industry greats, from GE Healthcare to Honeywell. Discover how your team can build AI-powered products backed by best-in-class features.

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