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Develop training data 10x faster and solve any AI task with confidence.

Label Videos, DICOM Files, or Images at Scale

Use V7 Darwin's auto-annotation features to complete your AI projects faster and speed up time-to-market for your models.

Pixel-Perfect Labels in One Click

Create high-speed polygon masks that won’t compromise on quality. Fuel your labeling with our powerful Autolabel feature, enhanced object recognition, and adaptive learning.

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Annotation types available on V7

All the Annotation Types Your Team Will Need

Easily annotate all Video, Image, and Text data. Choose from a variety of tools, such as polygons, brush, or bounding boxes. Solve any CV task from image classification to instance segmentation to object tracking and more.

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Performance analytics on V7

Monitor Labeler and Model Performance

Track the time spent, see how many annotations are created per minute, check the total number of labeled images, monitor accuracy, and more. No matter if you have 10 or 1,000 labelers.

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Collaborate in Real-Time

Annotate images in collaboration with other users and add multiple labels to a single video or image simultaneously. Communicate in real time to make sure your labels are accurate and all team members know what the ground truth looks like.

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Annotate Long Video Files in Seconds With AI

Turn raw video footage into training data for your AI products in a fraction of the time and at a lower cost.

One-Click Motion Tracking

Follow the movement of objects across frames with Auto-Track. Create bounding boxes and accurate segmentation masks that automatically align with complex shapes and motions.

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Visualize Annotations on Your Timeline

Adjust the video playback speed, modify annotation length, and keep track of whether frames were corrected by human annotators or generated by AI. Monitor objects entering and leaving the frame to enhance accuracy.

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Create Automatic Annotations Between Frames

Reduce manual annotation time by interpolating annotations across sections of your video clips. Add just a few keyframes and generate additional annotations automatically.

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Label Multi-View Videos in Sync

Upload videos to custom slot grids and annotate complex scenes from multiple camera angles. Keep your videos in sync and give your annotators and models better context for understanding the scene.

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Explore Our Labeling Toolkit for Medical Imaging

Annotate medical files with clinical precision. Design review processes that allow your expert staff to focus on the most critical tasks.

Precise Multi-Planar Reconstruction

Navigate between different planes and use tools like crosshairs and window levels to draw pixel-perfect annotation masks.

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Detailed 3D Cinematic Rendering

From intricate blood vessels to complex organ structures, you can use V7 Darwin to visualize medical radiology scans in three dimensions with cinematic quality.

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Whole Slide Image Support

Navigate between different planes and use tools like crosshairs and window levels to draw pixel-perfect annotation masks.

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Achieve Diagnostic Consensus

Navigate between different planes and use tools like crosshairs and window levels to draw pixel-perfect annotation masks.

Explore the DICOM Annotation Suite ->
Suchet Bargoti
Suchet Bargoti
CTO of Abyss Solutions
We label terabytes of data and from the operations perspective, the scale of the projects requires a reliable training data platform like V7 to succeed.
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Maleeha Nawaz
Maleeha Nawaz
Manager of Quality and Data Curation
After conducting an extensive research of annotation tools, we chose V7 as it fits our needs best due to its customizable workflows and automated QA.
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Raman Muthuswamy
Raman Muthuswamy
Director, Translational Research at Genmab
We use V7 to make our annotation and model training workflows more efficient. It's much easier to use than other software thanks to its intuitive UI.
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Gather Training Data in One Place

Help your machine learning team keep track of their most valuable assets. Ensure your team understands your labels and edge cases.
Explore Dataset Management ->
The CLI & SDK for AI Training Data
Perform actions on your assets via a CLI/SDK rather than through the UI. Create, manage, export, and import your datasets conveniently with a single command.
Version Control Datasets
Stay on top of your annotation versions. Reference each model to a dataset version as your datasets keep growing.
Load any Data Format
Upload your video data or ultra-high resolution images—browse and annotate them using one platform. V7 supports JPG, PNG, TIF, MP4, MOV, SVS, DICOM, NIfTI and more.
Visualize, Sort, and Filter Your Data
Instantly preview all images and videos thanks to a highly efficient Elixir architecture. Filter by upload time, labeler, tag, class, or progress.

Build a Library of Models

Add models to your workflows to surface edge cases and label data. Use our library of models or train your own.
Explore Model Management ->
Combine Models, Humans, and Data in Bespoke Workflows
Build an efficient assembly line for your training data. Add multiple quality control stages for AI models or human reviewers.
Register Any External Model to Use within Your Pipelines
If you have a repository of your own models, you can easily upload them to the V7 platform’s storage and keep them in order.
Train Label-Assistant Models with AutoML
Turn your images or datasets into models on V7. At a click of a button.
All Your Team’s Models in One Place, Ready to Use
Keep all your company models in one place. Deploy them for model-assisted labeling tasks or use them to train new AutoML models.

Leverage Humans in the Loop

Say goodbye to spreadsheets, data leaks and quality control issues. We allow you to automate your workflows while ensuring the right task is assigned to the right person.
Bring Humans into the Loop ->
Professional On-Demand Labelers Are a Few Clicks Away
We give you access to over 5000+ expert labelers, who know the platform inside and out. Better yet, they care about the precision, pace, and performance of your project just as much as you do.
Leading Security Standards
Working on sensitive data? V7 lets you assign tasks to specific labelers and make them only see the task at hand. Our platform is SOC2, HIPAA, and ISO27001 compliant.
Domain Expert Annotators That Excel in Your Domain
Medical, scientific, agricultural, construction, or autonomous driving projects? You name it! We collaborate with experts from a variety of industries to ensure data accuracy and reliability.
Fully Managed Projects
Cooperate with a dedicated V7 project manager. Design the most effective and efficient workflows and set your quality standards. The manager will see to it that all deliverables match your expectations.
Industry-Specific Tools

Industries Building AI through V7

Find out whether your industry's image formats can be used to automate tasks through V7.


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