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Our mission is to bring human knowledge into computers to solve the world’s most crucial tasks, and give us longer, happier lives

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V7's Story

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August 2018
V7 is born
July 2019
Beta at CVPR
December 2019
V7 Darwin launches
December 2019
First 500 teams
sign ups
October 2020
$3m Seed Round
December 2020
1 million tasks labeled
August 2021
First V7 Summit,
Puglia, Italy
December 2021
V7 grows to 20 people
December 2021
First petabyte of
data processed
June 2022
2.0 Launch at CVPR
July 2022
V7 grows to 60 people
August 2022
V7 Summit, Marbella, Spain
November 2022
Raises $33m in
Series A
V7 grows to 100 people
July 2023
First 250 Open Signups
JULY 2023
V7 listed as $bn company
in the making by Sifted/FT
August 2023
V7 celebrates its 5th birthday
V7 Summit, Piedmont
Renaissance Village, Italy
We’re working to make AI reliable, versatile, and easy to train

At V7 we are ushering a new era of "living software" of models running on continuously evolving training data.

The world relies on visual decision-making. In medicine, engineering, or food production, we continuously see and decide upon what is seen. In a world where technology works for us, technology needs to see.

Alberto Rizzoli, CEO
Simon Edwardsson, CTO
our vision

We’re leading the era of AI-first software

We help companies build software driven by deep learning, to make it accurate, reliable, and indistinguishable from magic.

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The meaning of V7’s name

There are six commonly recognized areas of the human visual cortex, V1 through V6.

The primary visual cortex V1 enables our brain to recognize essential shapes, while the following ones extract complex meanings in color, form, and motion.

540 million years ago, the Cambrian explosion gave life on earth the sense of sight, creating the fastest acceleration in species and skill diversity. We want V7 to bring forth a similar revolution - granting all automata with sight, and enabling it to multiply the tasks they can perform.

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our investors

Backed by the Best in the AI World

V7 is backed by some of the brightest minds in the AI industry from academia to enterprise.

Jose Valim
Creator of Elixir
Francois Chollet
Creator of Keras
Nathan Benaich
General Partner, Air Street Capital
Oriol Vinyals
Director of Research, Deepmind
Ashish Vaswani
Inventor of Transformers

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May 29, 2024
V7 Go Now Available on Google Cloud Marketplace
Google Cloud customers can now purchase V7’s latest Gen AI product, V7 Go, through the Google Cloud Marketplace.
April 25, 2024
V7 Go: Why We Built It
Earlier this month, we released our new GenAI work automation platform, V7 Go. We dive into the product's history, and how it works.
April 22, 2024
V7 & Aya Data Announce Partnership To Accelerate Visual AI Development
Today V7 & Aya Data announce partnership for end-to-end training data delivery, specializing in AI development for geospatial industries.
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