About V7

Our mission is to accelerate our understanding of the natural world through machine vision. In order to do so, we must enable vision AI to be easily trained and deployed at scale, and furthermore deeply integrated into the life sciences industry. Graphotate is designed to enable data management, training, and deployment of neural networks at scale, whilst our core vision technology enables laboratories to harness these neural networks to fully digitize science.

The name V7

There are 6 generally recognized areas of the human visual cortex, V1 through V6. The primary visual cortex V1 enables our brain to recognize essential shapes, while the following ones extract complex meanings in color, form, and motion. We intend to create a seventh area for machines, enabling them to perceive the world beyond what our brains enable us today within specific domains, hence V7.

There is literature on an area of the human brain situated near V3A, sometimes named V7, although its purpose is still poorly understood.

Graphotate and Aipoly

Graphotate is our platform for the management and annotation of image & video datasets for the creation of neural networks for machine vision. It specializes in scientific industries but open and useable within any vertical.
Aipoly is our brand focused on the assistance of the blind and visually impaired through machine vision for mobile and wearables. Aipoly's core technology is also used to power autonomous retail systems; for more information on this sector visit our retail page.

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