V7 Go Now Available on Google Cloud Marketplace

Google Cloud customers can now purchase V7’s latest Gen AI product, V7 Go, through the Google Cloud Marketplace.
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May 29, 2024

Today, we’re excited to announce that V7 Go is now available on the Google Cloud Marketplace - Google’s curated digital catalog for the purchase and fulfilment of enterprise-grade cloud solutions. With this addition to the marketplace, it’s even easier for any team using Google Cloud to find, buy, and deploy our latest Generative AI solution for automating repetitive work tasks - which uses Gemini, among other frontier models.

V7 turns data into trustworthy AI, powering products that solve our customer’s hardest problems. V7 Go is a continuation of this, moving away from traditional computer vision to automate multi-modal tasks reliably, and at scale. 

The solution is already being used by a number of players in finance and logistics - for use cases such as document processing, visual captioning, lead qualification, classification tasks and LLM performance comparisons.

Why should Google Cloud teams get excited?

From greater security and compliance, to easier access to budget, below we address the most exciting components of this update.

Simplified procurement & flexible purchasing  

For many businesses, long multi-step procurement processes prevent timely access to the latest technology. By purchasing through the Google Cloud Marketplace, teams can streamline and consolidate all their billing onto their existing Google Cloud invoice. 

This is all intended to limit procurement friction using familiar payment terms and teams’ existing Google Cloud accounts, to get started with V7 Go with just a few clicks.

Access to pre-approved budget

Teams can now purchase V7 Go with their Google Cloud committed spend budget.

Organizations using Google Cloud also have access to “Private Offers” based on individual use cases and requirements. 

Increased data security & compliance

With our Google Cloud storage integration, customers are able to keep all their data in their own data buckets. On Marketplace, Google Cloud users have increased visibility to, and protection under our joint compliance and security certifications including GDPR & SOC 2 Type II.

V7 and Google Cloud

V7 Go becoming available on Google Cloud’s Marketplace is the latest step in our thriving partnership with Google Cloud, building on our existing integration with Google Cloud Storage enabling customers to keep their data stored within their own private storage buckets. 

In addition, V7 Go’s integration with Google’s frontier model Gemini enables customers to automate workflows with foundation models with higher accuracy than calling a model provider directly. Here’s an example of V7 Go in action for a number of use cases with Gemini:

More recently, V7 Go was featured as one of Google Cloud’s top 100 GenAI partner solutions building solutions with Gemini providing “meaningful, real-world business value with generative AI” and showcased at Google Cloud Next ‘24. 

What do our teams have to say?

There is a massive workflow challenge in generative AI, where its ability to succeed relies on being able to source similar examples of a task, and understand a company’s context, so it can be more accurate. V7 Go abstracts away a lot of configuration burdens on the user, but has a lot going on under the hood and is built to integrate with your (internal or external) product via the API. Given Google’s unique position in the AI industry and strength in the digital native segment, we’ve had more and more questions about marketplace availability - so we’re thrilled to reach this milestone together.”- Alberto Rizzoli, Co-Founder and CEO of V7

“We are thrilled that V7 have chosen to include their latest Gen AI solution on the Google Cloud Marketplace - enabling our customers to automate their multimodal AI tasks at scale with Gemini. With many joint customers already, we are excited to continue fuelling V7’s growth with another channel.” - Karen Zhang, Fintech Lead for VC Partnerships at Google Cloud.

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