V7 Data Processing & Security

Below are a list of frequently asked questions, and information of the handling of data on V7 Darwin, and the information security measures in place throughout our platform.

Is V7 Darwin GDPR Compliant?

Yes. Our platform adheres to GDPR requirements. V7 stores any of your data which reaches us in AWS S3 servers located in Ireland (EU) and will not move data for storage outside of the EU.

We collect cookies and analytics to ensure we know what features are preferred by our users. To learn about what cookies are involved in the usage of V7's marketing website (https://v7labs.com) and V7 Darwin, please visit the Data Privacy Statement.

By agreeing with the Terms of Service, you agree that you will not be sharing third party personally identifiable information with V7 Ltd unless an appropriate GDPR Data Sharing Agreement is in place.

Is V7 Darwin HIPAA Compliant?

V7 follows HIPAA guidelines to protect access to data which may be of medical nature on our platform. The following measures are in place to adhere to HIPAA standards.

  • Data is encrypted at transfer.
  • All user classes are logged out after 30 minutes of inactivity to avoid unauthorized access.
  • Datasets have view access controls for worker users.
  • If DICOM data is uploaded in de-anonymized format by error, header information is not displayed to end-users by design.
  • No customer data that adheres to HIPAA standards is stored on servers or machines that leave the secured office premises of V7 Ltd or our sub-processors at Amazon Web Services Ireland.
  • Vulnerability scanning across our platform is performed quarterly.
  • Threat monitoring across our platform is performed continually.
  • V7 Ltd has guidelines on complying with any event of an information leak if it were to occur.
  • V7 Ltd trains its staff on the handling of user data to adhere to HIPAA guidelines.
  • V7 Ltd performs yearly audits of our HIPAA compliance status. The latest risk report dated July 2020 is found below:

How is my data legally protected?

Stated in Clause 5 (‘Intellectual Property Rights and Use of Customer Data.’) of our Terms of Service (https://www.v7labs.com/terms):

5.1 Intellectual Property Rights. Except as expressly set forth in this Agreement, this Agreement does not grant either party any rights, implied or otherwise, to the other party's content or any of the other party's intellectual property. As between the parties, Customer owns all Intellectual Property Rights in Customer Data, and V7 owns all Intellectual Property Rights in the Services and Platform.

5.2 Use of Customer Data. V7 will not access or use Customer Data, except as necessary to provide the Services and TSS to Customer.

5.3 Customer Feedback. If Customer provides V7 Feedback about the Services, then V7 may use that information without obligation to Customer. Customer (you, the reader) does not transfer ownership of any data loaded into our platform, nor does V7 have the right to access it if not to deliver the platform’s services as requested by the user.


V7 does not mix, grant access to, or reveal any customer data to third parties unless explicitly instructed to by the customer in writing.

How do I restrict access to my data on V7?

User Classes

Users on V7 Darwin are divided among Team Owners, Admins, Users, Workforce Managers, and Workers. Privileges across these user classes allows you to restrict read and write access to datasets across your Team. Please refer to documentation on User Classes or the adjacent tooltips within the Members tab of your team settings to learn about these permissions.

Share Dataset

Within each dataset setting there is an option to share a dataset and its export versions with the public. This feature contains a warning popup prior to being switched on when selected. Only Admins, Team Owners, and Users (if users are also the dataset creator) can access this setting. This option is OFF by default for all datasets. Ensure that the dataset sharing option is set to OFF if you would like to restrict public access to it. Datasets with sharing set to ON are visibly marked as "OPEN" on their dataset card.

S3 Integration

Certain pricing tiers within V7 Darwin have access to direct AWS S3 integrations. This setup ensures that image or video data belonging to your business is never stored on V7's servers. Please enquire with our team regarding this option if it is a necessity for your business.

Archiving and Deleting data

Image data within datasets, classes, or datasets themselves can be deleted from the graphical user interface or API. Image and video data is archived prior to being deleted to ensure it can be recovered in case of a mistaken decision.

What can Worker users see in my team?

Worker users are granted access to datasets via the Settings tab within each dataset. Once they receive access, they are able to:

  • Request tasks: this system will assign the user a batch of images or video defined in the settings, granting them read and write access to them.
  • View any image currently assigned to them.

Workers cannot view images that are not assigned to them, nor can they browse datasets in the same way Users and Admins can. Workers are also restricted from viewing team member settings, billing, and the performance statistics of other users.

Where is my data stored geographically?

V7 stores any of your data which reaches us in AWS S3 servers located in Ireland (EU) and will not move data for storage outside of the EU.

Does V7 perform regular vulnerability tests?

V7 performs quarterly vulnerability tests through Snyk.

Does V7 perform threat detection and continuous monitoring?

V7 performs threat detection and continuous monitoring through Guard Duty.

Can V7 work with Single Sign On (SSO)?

Single sign on services are available as part of our enterprise tier. Please enquire with our team regarding including SSO into your account.

Can V7 provide security and access summaries?

Access monitoring summaries and alerts are available as part of our enterprise tier. Please enquire with our team regarding access notification and email summaries on information security.

What information security practices are enforced at V7?

  • 2-factor authentication is enforced throughout V7 Ltd.
  • Only three individuals across V7 Ltd have admin access to our cloud infrastructure accounts.
  • All V7 employees are restricted from using personal devices that contain known or suspected vulnerabilities or back-doors that our team has been made aware of, including recording equipment, networking equipment, and mobile devices.
  • We periodically monitor whether any vulnerabilities are present within any software or hardware used on V7's machines or by employees.
  • Access control is enforced at our London office and in the cloud server facilities of our partners at AWS Ireland.
  • All V7 employees are made aware of information security practices starting from the job interview process, by including them in our employee handbook, and by periodically informing our staff of any added or changed information security practices.

Which third party services are involved in the operational aspects of V7 Darwin?

ScoutAPM - Used for monitoring server load.

AWS (owned by Amazon Inc) - Data is stored on S3 buckets and AWS P2 (EC2) instances are used for deep learning applications and to process data for automated annotation services.

I am based in a region with specific data security legislation. How can I know if you comply with our laws?

Please enquire with our team on any regional requirements for data security. Our team is happy to provide references of customers from within your region (if available) and explain if and how we comply with your data security standards.