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Label Training Data at Unsupervised Speed

The world of AI moves fast, don't let ground truth slow you down.

We've spoken to hundreds of ML teams to create a labeling environment that will keep up with the most ambitious projects in AI. V7 automates labelling, enables unparalleled control of your annotation workflow, helps you spot quality issues in your data, and integrates seamlessly into your pipeline. On top of all of that, its user experience matches our maniacal attention to detail coupled with excellent technical support. Deep learning scientists love it, annotation workforces love it, you'll love it too.

Scale your ground truth creation 10x today.

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Image and video datasets becomes collaborative projects for your organization. Filter, tag, and sync data via the API or our beautifully intuitive interface.

Silky smooth browsing

We are serious about presenting your data with no loading times. Uploads, filters, and search queries will always be delivered in real-time, no matter how large your dataset.

Format friendly

DICOM, .TIF, .MOV, or other uncommon formats are supported. From electron microscopes to 4k cameras, most image data will work on V7.

Annotate, train, export, collaborate, and share

Datasets are at the core of your AI projects - use them to train networks, iterate new versions to improve performance, grow them with your team, or share them with the wider community.


V7 was built in Elixir, an Erlang-based language to handle massive scale concurrency between millions of users moving billions of images.
Whether you are uploading, exporting, annotating, or partitioning, your data will always be swiftly available.

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Tell your AI what to learn using a generalized model that works perfectly on every object. Label with any annotation type, from anywhere, securely.


Save up to 90% of your annotation time while matching human performance. V7's Auto-Annotate tool works on any object, big, small, partial, or compound. See for yourself to believe.

Quality Review

Easily customize workflows by adding multiple annotation stages, reviews, or define chances of random sampling for specific QA steps.

Outsource or BYO

Upload your data and let us take care annotations through our professional workforce. You can track its progress and quality and train  models to automate part of the task.
If you have your own team of annotators, you can add them all too!

Expandable Tools

Tags, bounding boxes, polygons, masks, directional vectors, keypoint skeletons, attributes and more are available from the get-go.
V7's toolkit keeps expanding (see our changelog!).

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Train and run state of the art neural networks from a web dashboard. Deep learning inference has never been easier.

Leapfrog your models

Vision AI is changing. Leverage an extensively pre-trained backbone to enable your model to learn with very 100 training samples, and automate your task.


Use models to label any object by mapping their classes to your dataset's.

Pick any model to pre-process datasets by adding the classes that matter to you.

ML-Ops as a service

V7's GPU orchestration grants 99.9% uptime and infinite scalability. Zero dev-ops engineers needed.
Host hundreds of models and run them on demand in one click.

Run it as a product

Neural networks instantly turn into a REST API to call from any device you wish. Combined with workflows, you can develop complex multi-model products in a few clicks.

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See What's Possible

Over 1,000 teams on V7 are giving human-like sight to devices. Here is what they built.

life sciences AI

Life Sciences


Cells, microorganisms, clusters, in bright and dark microscopy
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Understanding safe laboratory practice
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Manufacturing computer vision


Defect Inspection

Small and uncommon defects
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Asset Inspection

Rust, wear, and materials analysis
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Kitting and Picking

Assembly step sequence understanding
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Agri Tech computer vision


Plant & Field Agriculture

Plant growth and yield
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Livestock & Wildlife

Livestock and wildlife health
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