Measure what is measurable,
make measurable what is not.




30-50% of human hours in life sciences laboratories are spent on manual documentation of processes, and results. Manually transcribing experiments is a major contributor to a yearly $26 billion lost in irreproducible scientific work, occurring in fields crucial to our specie's longevity such as cancer, MS, and Alzheimer's research.
V7 is an AI company solving this major hurdle for scientific progress.

Adding our technology to laboratory workstations saves up to half of a laboratory technician's time and significantly reduces the occurrence of errors.
Combined with monitoring inventory levels, protocol analytics, and a better ELN experience, we aim to digitalize every point of interaction in labs.
Our AI natively enables robotic manipulation in more dangerous tasks, allowing robot arms to learn and execute each step compliantly in unstructured environments at a fraction of the cost of task-specific robots.

Most tools and instruments of measure used in life sciences are fully analog. Our technology allows for  identification of multiple instruments and the minute details of their output and appearance. This grants a complete understanding of end-to-end tasks to act as a guidance and transcription system for humans and robots in scientific fields.


Image Annotation, Dataset Management, & Model Training.
By V7

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