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Pricing That Works With You as You Scale

Power up your ML team with the fastest-growing training data platform

Supporting world-changing open source research
1 Workspace
10 User Licenses
3 Integrated Models
100 Item Limit
Best for individual teams or single deployments
1 Workspace
10 User Licenses
Unlimited Integrated Models
High-scale training data operations & deployment
4 Workspaces
40 User Licenses
Unlimited Integrated Models
Enterprise-wide deployment of training data operations
12 Workspaces
120 User Licenses
Unlimited Integrated Models
Paid V7 plans include unlimited use of Datasets, Workflows, Annotation, autoML, and the DarwinPy SDK and APIs.
Upgrade your plan to fit your business needs
Add a bundle with an extra workspace and user licences
Add additional licences for Manager and Workforce-level roles
Workspaces function as separate environments to organize your Datasets, Workflows, and Users and offer fully customizable access control and pipeline architecture. Custom configuration allows for each user to receive exactly the Workspace, Dataset, or File access they require.
Data Ownership
Retain full ownership of your data at all times. Your data remains yours, and we ensure that its privacy and security are always protected.
Open Source
Single Visual Dataset Repository
A consolidated platform to visualize and manage all your datasets for increased data accessibility and better collaboration across your team.
Dataset Querying, Filtering & Reporting
Advanced tools for searching, filtering, and generating reports on your dataset. Filter data by upload time, labeler, tag, class, or progress.
Model-in-the-Loop Annotation
Set up custom workflows to connect models, humans, and data for efficient data annotation and ML training. Add review stages and QA processes.
AI-Assisted Image & Video Annotation
Use an advanced Auto-Annotate tool powered by state-of-the-art AI instance segmentation models. Detect and label similar objects automatically.
V7 AutoML Model Training
Train custom models on your data in just a few clicks with V7 autoML. Use V7 models to automate annotation tasks or demonstrate a proof-of-concept.
3 Models
Customizable, Automated Workflows
Build automated workflows with custom webhooks, notifications, user roles, or stage-specific classes. Manage your annotation workforce in V7.
Email & Chat Technical Support
Reach out to our technical support team anytime via email or live chat. We are committed to helping you solve any issues you might encounter.
60+ Second & 4K Video
V7 supports lengthy and high-quality videos. Annotate videos with no loss in quality thanks to our proprietary streaming and rendering technologies.
Ultra-High Resolution Images
Handle ultra-high resolution images seamlessly. Geospatial imagery, pathology slides, or images that are 1GB+ are not an issue.
Integrate Any Model
Integrate external models with ease in the V7 web app or over the API. Connect open-source models or your own AI to automate annotation workflows.
Advanced Medical Imaging Support (DICOM + NIfTI)
Annotate volumetric data, use hanging protocols and level windowing tools, or create custom workviews to recreate the experience of top DICOM viewers.
Advanced Pathology Imaging Support (WSI, SVS, NDPI)
Access specialized support for pathology imaging formats. V7 offers features for detailed examinations of tissue samples for ML and medical diagnosis.
Private AWS, GCP, Azure Integrations
Secure integrations with top cloud providers. Maintain data privacy while leveraging the storage and computational capabilities of AWS, GCP, or Azure.
Dedicated Customer Success Manager
We provide you with a dedicated Customer Success Manager who is committed to helping you achieve your goals and get the most out of our platform.
Single Sign-On
Efficient and secure user management with Single Sign-On (SSO). Simplify the process of accessing your data and enhance your team's security.
Enforced 2FA
Strengthen your security with enforced Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). Add an extra layer of security to protect your data and user accounts.
Command Line Interface Support
Interact with V7 using the command-line interface. This CLI allows for efficient task management and quick access to core functionalities.
REST API Toolkit
Access our powerful REST API toolkit to integrate our services with your existing applications or build custom solutions to suit your needs.
DarwinPy Python SDK
Benefit from our Python SDK for seamless integration with your Python environments. Ideal for Python developers and ML practitioners.
Integrated Managed Labeling Services
We'll find the best annotation task force for your project and connect you with our trusted partners. Hire expert labelers across different domains.
SDK Integration Support
Leverage our SDK integration support to smoothly embed our services into your existing tech stack, accelerating the deployment of your AI solutions.
Integration Engineering Support
Our team offers engineering support to securely and efficiently connect your models, data, and workflows using the optimal framework for your needs.
Support for Hybrid Cloud Deployment via
Benefit from the scalability of the cloud and the security of local or on-premise storage with a hybrid-cloud deployment with
Suchet Bargoti
Suchet Bargoti
CTO of Abyss Solutions
We label terabytes of data and from the operations perspective, the scale of the projects requires a reliable training data platform like V7 to succeed.
Read case study ->
Maleeha Nawaz
Maleeha Nawaz
Manager of Quality and Data Curation
After conducting an extensive research of annotation tools, we chose V7 as it fits our needs best due to its customizable workflows and automated QA.
Read case study ->
Raman Muthuswamy
Raman Muthuswamy
Director, Translational Research at Genmab
We use V7 to make our annotation and model training workflows more efficient. It's much easier to use than other software thanks to its intuitive UI.
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Build VS Buy

How switching to a dedicated platform can double your ML team's output

Internally-built solution
$12,000+ in cloud fees
$300k+ in development costs
$120k in maintenance
No dedicated support team
No MLOps integrations
No integrated outsourcing system
Critical dependency on 2-3 employees who built the tool’s codebase
Using V7
99.9% Uptime
Automated data labeling
20min average for tech support
Integrated foundation models
Labelers available in a few clicks
Customer Success for Labeling
Built in Elixir for ultra-scalable performance
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Asked Questions

Reach out to our sales team for further questions.
What types of data can be processed by V7?

V7 can process various types of data, including images, medical imaging files, videos, volumetric series, and documents. The exact types of data that can be processed may depend on the specific use case and requirements. However, V7 supports the majority of visual data formats.

Can I test V7 before making a purchase?

Yes, V7 offers a free trial version that allows you to test its features and capabilities before making a purchase. However, to unlock all the functionalities and all the potential that the platform offers, it is worth considering one of the paid plans. You can see the full feature breakdown and pricing of V7 here.

Is V7 a free image annotation tool?

V7 is a subscription-based service. The pricing of our paid plans depends on your organizations use case, data requirements, and any add-on options, such as our managed labeling services. Please contact our sales team for more information.

Is my data secure on V7?

Yes your data is secure with V7. We take data security very seriously. Go to V7 Data Processing & Security to learn more about how we keep your data safe.