Pricing and Included Features

Image Annotation

Annotation time, per hour
Polygon annotation tool
Polygon Tool
Brush annotation tool
Brush Tool
Bounding Box annotation tool
Bounding Box Tool
Image tagging tool
Classification Tags
Keypoint annotation tool
Keypoint Tool
line annotation tool
Line / Polyline Tool
Cuboid annotation tool
Cuboids Tool
Attributes annotation tool
Annotation Attributes
Cuboid annotation tool
Instance IDs
Image annotation direction tool
Directional Vectors
Image text recognition tool
Text Tool
Measuring tool
Measuring Tool
Zoom tool
Zoom Tool
Image annotation Plugins
Annotation Plugins
Video Labeling
Medical Image Labeling
Ultra-high-resolution labeling (Geospatial, SVS)
Secure image rendering
Annotation layer ordering
Vector-only annotations (faster performance)
Annotation comment tool
Quality Review
Custom Annotation Stages Workflows
Annotation history
Per-label authorships
Class descriptions and thumbnails
Restricted "Annotator" mode
Power-user keyboard shortcuts

Team & Dataset Management

Users per team
Included cloud storage
Additional storage, beyond 1TB
$0.10 / GB
Individual datasets allowed
Number of classes allowed
Number of dataset versions
Browser and CLI uploads
Class and instance balance overview
Version control
Annotator permissions
Mass-image tagging
Annotation comment tool
Share read-only Open Datasets
Filter by class, author, or status
Dataset progress tracking
Per-image time tracking
Detailed annotator metrics
User roles: Admin, User, Annotator
Team-wide billing management
Card Payments
Technical support
Current avg response time <1hr

API & Developer Tools

API Usage
Unlimited, within fair usage
Image annotation Plugins
Tool Javascript Plugins
Image annotation Plugins
Custom Interface Javascript Plugins

Model Training & Inference

Training cycle
from $400
Object Segmentation
$800 / server
from $25 / camera (edge)
Object Detection
$800 / server
from $25 / camera (edge)
$800 / server
from $25 / camera (edge)
Keypoint Skeleton
$800 / server
from $25 / camera (edge)
Combined outputs
$800 / server
from $25 / camera (edge)

Overtime & Misc Fees

Overtime Credits* - Annotation
Overtime Credits* - Neurons
*Overtime Credits account for usage beyond a selected subscription level. You can toggle these on and off in your Plans settings.

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