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Our culture

Life at V7

Clever colleagues, fascinating challenges, world-class customers, mission-driven mindsets - here’s what everyday life looks like at V7


What’s important for us

V7’s culture and key to success can be summarized in four values we hold dear

Move the Needle

Do the kind of work that grows your function, and build a bigger ship as you row. Compound your impact by focusing on actions that will make your, or a colleague’s life easier next time. By doing this all together, our impact and work life drastically improves.

Write the New Playbook

Know the gold standard of your function, and reshape it for a new generation. Whether it’s sales, engineering, or talent, what mattered 5 years ago is due to change. Be the one writing the playbook others will copy.

Relentless Improvements, Tiny Steps

We search for the problem and put energy into polishing it. We’re obsessed with improvements and know where to look for them. We understand change happens in steps, not milestones, and know when an undertaking is too big to make sense.

Reliable in Success and in Failure

It’s about how well you can predict an outcome, communicate it with colleagues, and turn failure into value. At V7 we are few but mighty, and rely on each other for success. We care about communicating imminent challenges and forecasting our needs.

our investors

Backed by the best in the AI world

V7 is backed by some of the brightest minds in the AI industry from academia to enterprise

Jose Valim
Creator of Elixir
Francois Chollet
Creator of Keras
Nathan Benaich
General Partner, Air Street Capital
Oriol Vinyals
Director of Research, Deepmind
Ashish Vaswani
Inventor of Transformers
AI Pioneers

A sneak peek of our perks

Working at V7 comes with benefits

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Unlimited PTO
We’ll make sure you take at least 23 days off per year, plus public holidays, and will approve any additional time off for your own wellbeing.
Parental leave policy
V7 supports expecting and new parents in maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Our comprehensive leave policy covers many types of parental leave, regardless of location.
HQ in London
Visit us at our HQ. We have a barista, fully stocked fridges, snacks, Thursday team lunches, and frequent events.
Competitive stock options
Own a piece of V7 and multiply its value as you grow with us. We benchmark at the top 5 percentile of options grants and employ a UK EMI scheme.
Apple hardware
You’ll get the most recent mac hardware for your role and top of the line software for your function. As a premium SaaS product ourselves, we believe in selecting top of the line tools.
Development budget
You’ll be able to spend $1,000 a year on your personal learning & development, and you'll benefit from separate additional team budgets for conferences, events & more!
Flexible working & hours
Work when you’re at your best. Plus, we’ll employ you anywhere +-3h from GMT and allow temporary international stays. As long as you get things done, V7 has your back.
Meet the whole team in a warm, stunning location over 4 days of team-building, workshops, celebrating, and skill sharing. Some teams also do mini-retreats throughout the year.

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