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Train and Deploy Production-Ready AI Models

Upload your datasets and train enterprise-grade computer vision models. Use these models to power your AI products or automate business operations.

Maleeha Nawaz
Maleeha Nawaz
Manager of Quality and Data Curation
After conducting an extensive research of annotation tools, we chose V7 as it fits our needs best due to its customizable workflows and automated QA.
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Raman Muthuswamy
Raman Muthuswamy
Director, Translational Research at Genmab
We use V7 to make our annotation and model training workflows more efficient. It's much easier to use than other software thanks to its intuitive UI.
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Ryan Watson
Ryan Watson
Segmentation Manager at Intelligent Ultrasound
We did a comparison when we started and noticed an increase in efficiency when we changed the workflow. Thanks to V7, we no longer have to waste time.
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ML pipeline

Accelerate AI Deployment Without Losing Accuracy

Automate labeling and maintain control over your annotation process. Scale up your training data creation 10x times and deploy reliable AI solutions.

Use a model to label more data
Send edge cases back to be labeled
Collect Data
Label Data
Train Your Model
Manage Data
Deploy AI

Model Types You Can Train

Pick a model type, train, and run your models in the cloud on V7’s scale-agnostic engine or your own instance. Switch on a webcam, and view the results right from your browser.

Object Detection
Object detectors draw a bounding box around each item.
Instance Segmentation
Produces polygons that outline individual objects.
Adds image-level tags to classify image categories.
Semantic Segmentation
Automatically segment objects with pixel-perfect accuracy
Panoptic Segmentation
Combines instance segmentation and semantic segmentation.
3D Segmentation
Identifies and classifies objects within 3D data.

Develop Production-Ready AI in Hours, Not Weeks

V7 allows you to create secure and reliable AI solutions, compare model performance, and connect them into automated workflows.

Keep your data and models safe

The security of your data is our top priority. We are SOC2 compliant and enable SSO integration so that you can rest assured that your data remains protected and private.

Spot and fix errors

Spot label quality issues early and send data to annotation teams for re-work. Build robust review and consensus workflows to ensure quality and shorten the time to production. Improve your ML model performance by improving your datasets.

Train and test in a few clicks

Turn your labeled data into models and run models directly from V7 in a matter of minutes. Use our pre-trained architecture to enable your model to learn with very few training samples. Leverage V7’s iterative model training capabilities and ship performant AI faster.

Seamless data export

Use Pytorch Dataloaders to create datasets to train your own models on V7. Solve classification, object detection, instance segmentation tasks, and more.

Leverage instant inference

Get immediate results from inference API. You can also switch on the webcam and test the model directly from your browser.

Bring your own model

Register your own model via REST API, add it to your custom workflow and run it to label your training data 10x faster. You can register any model that is exposed via HTTP and manage it the same way you do the ones trained using V7.

Annotation systems are playing catch up trying to project where research and cutting-edge development would be and how to make it configurable.

Luckily, solutions like V7 came up, which are maturing in the industry, helping companies like ours to scale up and stay ahead with our R&D

Suchet Bargoti
CTO, Abyss Solutions
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Ryan Watson
Segmentation Manager at Intelligent Ultrasound
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Use Automated Workflows to Connect AI Models and Human Expertise

Use models to label objects at scale, automate ML Ops, or compare their performance against humans or other models.

Build customizable data workflows, integrate your models to label data.
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Use the Model Tool to auto-label multiple objects and classes in images or videos in a few clicks.
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Add the consensus stage to verify the quality and accuracy of the annotations.
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Model Library—All Your Models, Ready to Use

Keep all your company models in one place. Deploy them for model-assisted labeling tasks or use them to train new AutoML models.

All-Task Output

Handle any vision output with equal performance, from simple classification to object detection to keypoint skeleton fitting.

Continual Learning

Capture data in production and send it to a dataset for annotation. Add more knowledge to models for their next training session.

Instant Inference

Run models in the cloud on the scale-agnostic Wind engine, switch on a webcam, and view the results right from your browser.


Monitor Your Model Performance

Combine models, humans, and data in composable workflows.

Model Consensus
Test your accuracy and explore fail cases

Run your models through sets of images and compare versions

Keep your production AI in top shape by ensuring each new version passes strict IoU tests

Model Metrics
mAP, IoU, and everything in between

Ensure you’re always using the most accurate version available

Each model you import or train surfaces their accuracy across multiple metrics

Model Metrics
Confusion matrix and class-based insights

Present your model results to your team in beautiful interactive graphs

Monitor metrics like accuracy, precision, recall, and F1-score across your team’s models

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