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Label your data and train AI models to handle inventory management, theft prevention, autonomous check-out, and more. All in one platform.

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V7 Is Built for Retail Data Annotation

Label image and video data 10x faster

Label your CCTV data and create Ground Truth faster. Annotate with bounding boxes, polygons, or keypoints to build custom AI for your retail use case.

Automate data workflows hassle-free

Invite unlimited users to your team (at no extra cost) and set up data workflows in a few clicks. Label, review, train and re-train your models without losing track of your annotation versions.

Explore Auto-Annotation

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V7 Will Help You Train AI Faster

Bet on Easily Deployable Autonomous Retail

Create your datasets, turn your labeled data into models, and use models to label even more data. Build AI to perform full inventory scans, handle stocking and planograms, monitor customer behaviour, and more.

Optimize in-store experience for higher profitability

Introduce autonomous check-outs and use video analytics to understand consumer behaviour and design a seamless shopping experience for less.

Train Neural Networks

V7 teeth annotation

V7 Is The All-In-One Hub For ML Projects

Manage your datasets from one place

Drag-and-drop to upload your image or video data in any format. Collaborate in real-time. Track annotation progress. Organize and manage your datasets in a few clicks.

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V7 teeth annotation
Ryan McMillan
ML Engineer

"V7 is really easy to use and has great customer support—bugs are fixed, email support is very fast, and feature requests are delivered as promised."

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Use Cases

Autonomous Checkout
Inventory and Planogram Analytics
Crowd Heat Mapping Analysis
Customer Behaviour Analytics
Loss and Shrinkage Prevention


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