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Create Ground Truth 10x faster with auto-annotation, manage your data in a few clicks, and build robust AI models with ease.

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V7 G2 Rating
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Model-assisted labeling
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PDF Processing
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HIPAA & FDA Compliance
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Advanced dataset management
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Automated annotation
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DICOM support
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High-resolution support
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Model training
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Label data 10x faster with auto-annotate.

V7 comes with a powerful auto annotation that allows you to automatically generate polygon and pixel-wise masks. Speed up your annotation time by up to 90% by using AI models to supervise your training data.

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Manage your datasets from one place.

Take full control of your data with V7. Load any image or video format, track progress, and use advanced filters to keep your data organized and easy to find for everyone on your team.

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Train models and deploy AI in days, not weeks.

Turn your labeled data into ML models and use them to automatically label more data. Create and manage annotation workflows, collaborate in real-time, and generate Ground Truth faster.

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What makes V7 the right choice?

Everything you need to seamlessly label training data at scale.
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Pixel-perfect polygon masks from V7's any-object neural network.
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Annotator Metrics
Sort by time, annotations per minute, total images, accuracy, and more.
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Pixel Perfect Output
Sub-pixel perfect, actually. Darwin's JSON output is simple and lightweight.
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Add attributes, text, directional vectors, grouping, and more.
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Multiple Formats
Supporting JPG, PNG, TIF, MP4, MOV, SVS, DICOM and counting.
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Full Compliance
Develop FDA and EMA compliant medical applications in a HIPAA compliant environment.
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Advanced Tooling
Polygon, bounding box, keypoint skeleton, brush & eraser, and plenty more.
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Custom Plugins
Write plugins to add new functionalities and annotation types.
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A-grade Security
All images & video are encrypted on transfer in a GDPR-compliant platform.

Migrate your data in minutes

Export to JSON
Convert your project data easily into JSON format and ready to be moved into Darwin.
Load it in our converter
Darwin JSON is one of the annotation formats being supported on Darwin. It's the default annotation encoding within the platform.
You're ready to use V7!
Once the files have been encoded in Darwin JSON format, you're good to go. Our team can help you at every step of your onboarding.

Stories like these are why we exist

"From the operations perspective—unless we did drastic developments, the scale of the projects requires something like V7 to be functional to make projects happen."

Testimonial user profile photo
Suchet Bargoti
CTO, Abyss Solutions

V7 is super sleek, intuitive, and easy to use. Within a couple of minutes, you're off to the races and can annotate quickly. The team is highly responsive and helpful.

Testimonial user profile photo
Simon Rufer
Graduate Research Assistant at MIT

"V7 did everything that we wanted—it enabled us to label videos in the way we needed, the turnaround time for new features was really fast, and the reviewing and sorting process was much better."

Testimonial user profile photo
David Bell
CEO & Co-Founder of Remedy Robotics

"V7 is really easy to use. It looks good and feels good. The other great thing is the customer support - bugs are fixed, email support is very fast, and feature requests are delivered as promised."

Testimonial user profile photo
Ryan McMillan
Lead Data Engineer at CattleEye

"We needed a tool that lets us keep the data in one place, annotate, and version it. Having found V7, we decided not to build the internal solution. "

Testimonial user profile photo
Mo Khodadadi
Founder & CEO of Satis AI

"We needed a tool that could do annotating and data versioning because we distribute our tools to farms, and we need to make sure that they have the same version of data for the same models. V7 met our needs."

Testimonial user profile photo
Raymond Tunstill
PhD Researcher, CTO of FruitCast

“Thanks to V7, the image annotation is 30% faster, but realistically, considering the whole process - transferring files and QA - we more than doubled the number of images we can do in the same span of time.”

Testimonial user profile photo
Ryan Watson
Segmentation Manager at Intelligent Ultrasound

What I appreciate the most about V7 is flexible UI and API, responsive support, and active development of new features and bug fixes.

Testimonial user profile photo
Benno Weber
Data Engineer at Swarm Analytics

Having accurately annotated datasets was crucial to catch the typical features of malignant melanoma. V7 lets us visualize the balance of this data across populations.

Testimonial user profile photo
Rafael Garcia

"Visibility on metrics and annotators' work in V7 is very helpful to us, and it's something we didn’t have in our internal solution. The option to check past annotations and review the work is also valuable, along with V7’s ability to interactively define the workflows and the flexibility in task assignment."

Testimonial user profile photo
Andrew Achkar
Technical Director at Miovison

"I like the auto-segmentation feature. To me, that’s a nice AI feature that V7 took beyond the gimmick feature - it’s mature enough to be useful."

Testimonial user profile photo
Suchet Bargoti
CTO, Abyss Solutions

Managing our data from one place is particularly important for us. Previously, our data was stored in many different formats and in different places. Having a single source makes our data more robust and also greatly reduces the development time for new algorithms, as the learning curve for developers is small.

Testimonial user profile photo
Francesca Donadoni
Data Scientist at CattleEye

V7 is helping us manage a complicated, intricate, pixel-perfect labeling exercise. Their model-assisted labeling is the best around.

Testimonial user profile photo
Nathan Schuett
CEO & Co-Founder at PRENAV

"We use V7 to make our workflow for deep learning training and annotation streamlined and efficient. From the pathologist’s point of view, V7 turned out to be much easier to learn and use than other software - I can easily understand what I’m doing."

Testimonial user profile photo
Raman Muthuswamy
Director, Translational Research at Genmab

"The API is very straightforward to use, so we can easily get data into our local computer system. Annotations are formatted in JSON, which is easier to parse. V7 also offers a lot of pre-trained networks that we can utilize."

Testimonial user profile photo
David Soong
Director, Translational Data Science at Genmab

"Annotation systems are playing catch up trying to project where research and cutting-edge development would be and how to make it configurable. Luckily, solutions like V7 came up, which are maturing in the industry, helping companies like ours to scale up and stay ahead with our R&D"

Testimonial user profile photo
Suchet Bargoti
CTO, Abyss Solutions

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