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Why Automotive AI teams choose V7

Speed up Ground Truth creation by 10 times with V7's efficient data labeling. Improve your model accuracy and automate your ML pipeline with V7's end-to-end workflow orchestration

Multi-Camera Sensor Fusion

Combine multiple images or video streams into one labeling items, with objects transitioning between camera views. Achieve true sensor fusion by unifying your labels in one environment.

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Video Object Tracking

Track objects in video to label up to 10x faster. Interpolate their location across multiple frames in bounding boxes or polygons.

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Performant Semantic Segmentation

Video semantic segmentation can be slow at scale. Try V7’s video semantic segmentation to visualize accurate polygons at every frame.

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Mark Robson
Mark Robson
Technical Specialist, MTC
V7 sped up our labeling 9–10x compared to VGG. The appeal of using V7 is that it's commercial off-the-shelf, very intuitive, and easy to use for non-technical people.
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Raman Muthuswamy
Raman Muthuswamy
Director, Translational Research at Genmab
We use V7 to make our annotation and model training workflows more efficient. It's much easier to use than other software thanks to its intuitive UI.
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Ryan Watson
Ryan Watson
Segmentation Manager at Intelligent Ultrasound
Thanks to V7, the image annotation is 30% faster, and considering also the QA process, we more than doubled the number of images we can label.
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Build robust ML pipelines, deploy reliable AI faster

Automate labeling and gain unparalleled control of your annotation workflow. Scale your ground truth creation 10x today.

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We conducted an extensive research of annotation tools and ultimately chose V7.

It fits our business needs best due to its customizable workflows, simple setup, consensus stages, and the ability to monitor annotator performance and project progress. It's also very intuitive and stable.

Maleeha Nawaz
Manager of Quality and Data Curation
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Ryan Watson
Segmentation Manager at Intelligent Ultrasound
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Custom workflows for any ML project

Structure your ML pipeline—from uploading your data, labelling and reviewing it, to training accurate AI models in hours instead of weeks.

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Connect to anything

Host data privately in your enterprise cloud storage. Send tasks to other ML-Ops platforms once completed. Load datasets into your deep learning framework of choice in a single step.

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The most secure platform for training data

You can rest assured that your data remains protected and private, because the security of your data is our top priority.

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Asked Questions
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What type of data does V7 support?

V7 supports image, video, and text data. The file formats you can use with V7 include: JPG, PNG, MP4, MOV, AVI, BMP, SVS, TIFF, DCM, ZIP, DICOM, NIfTI.

How do I know if V7 is right for my use case?

V7 was built for multi-industry use cases and you can get in touch with us to discuss your project in more detail. Also, take a look at V7 industry pages to learn more about the benefits and to see various implementations.

What models can I train on V7?

V7 allows you to train three types of models: Instance Segmentation, Image Classification, and Object Detection. You can also use our in-built Text Scanner model for your OCR projects. Learn how to train neural networks here: V7 Model Training.

What type of support does V7 offer?

We offer in-app chat support and email technical support to all of V7 users. We will make sure to take good care of you and your team. You can get in touch with us at:

Is my data secure on V7?

Yes your data is secure with V7. We take data security very seriously. Go to V7 Data Processing & Security to learn more about how we keep your data safe.