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Turbocharge Your Data & MLOps With Our Databricks Integration

Customers of V7 and Databricks can now benefit from a smoother data management experience, more robust integration, and support for all data formats, including video and medical imagery.

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Why Businesses Choose V7


We're experts in helping turn data into software for companies in Healthcare, Life Sciences, Industrials, and Manufacturing.


Efficient management of ML workflows and their underlying data is required to build better AI products at scale.

Model training

V7 customers consistently achieve over 95% model accuracy by building AI workflows with humans in the loop.


V7 offers best-in-class solutions for challenging computer vision tasks involving video streaming, video timelines, and model integrations.


There's an ecosystem of integrations available - send tasks to MLOps platforms, host data privately, or load datasets into tools like Databricks.


V7 repeatedly wins the Best Support award on G2 and our Account Executives are on standby to guide you on the best solutions for your team.



Databricks is a data and AI company. Their Lakehouse Platform combines the best elements of data lakes and data warehouses to deliver the reliability, strong governance, and performance of data warehouses with the openness, flexibility, and machine learning support of data lakes.

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Our Partnership

V7 is the AI data engine enabling better AI products to reach the market faster, with reduced costs and less risk. Its key features include auto-labeling, dataset management, customizable workflows, and the highest security standards.

The collaboration will enable customers to create a dataset in Databricks, annotate the data in V7 and then load the annotations back into Databricks for easy querying and model training.

Key Benefits of V7 and 



Smoother data management experience

Combining V7 and Databricks allows you to easily create workflows where data transfer, management, and labeling is done from one central location using only a few lines of code.

Support for all data formats

V7 handles all images and videos in native formats. We also support medical imagery, including DICOM, NIfTI, and WSI, making us the best choice for healthcare and life sciences.

Robust integration ecosystem

The V7 API, Python SDK, and PySpark module let you extend your data workflows with ready-to-use code snippets. Easily connect with other MLOps platforms and integrate your annotated data into Databricks.

Video specialism

Video streaming presents frequent issues for computer vision tasks that V7 has strategically addressed by building a best-in-class streaming, video timeline, and model integration offering.

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V7 is the AI data engine for industry greats, including Huawei and Continental. Discover how your team can build AI-powered products backed by best-in-class features.

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