Sifted Name V7 as 8th Fastest-Growing Startup in 2024

Sifted has just revealed its top 100 fastest-growing startups across the UK and Ireland for 2024, and V7 is in the top ten!
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March 28, 2024

Sifted has officially named 2024’s fastest-growing startups in the UK and Ireland, by revenue growth, created in partnership with Marriott Harrison.

With the AI landscape evolving so rapidly this year, we are honored to share that V7 has been recognized in the top 10, for our platform Darwin’s success in turning images and video into training data for trustworthy AI. 

V7 Co-Founder and CEO, Alberto Rizzoli, was also delighted to discuss the future of AI as part of the Sifted Top 100 Fireside Chat alongside Mimi (Miriam) Keshani, Co-Founder and COO of Hadean.

Below we dive into our fellow ranking startups and our commitment to delivering best-in-class AI.

Amongst Startup All Stars

In the 8th spot on Sifted’s top 100, V7 is among a number of exciting startups also recognized as having a “significant contribution […] to their respective economies”.

Securing the number one spot is Allica Bank, revolutionizing no-nonsense digital banking. They are closely followed by Artios Pharma, a drug discovery company developing novel cancer therapeutics, and Zilch, on a mission to eliminate the cost of consumer credit.

We’d also like to give a special mention to other ranking AI startups including Poly AI, for creating powerful customer-led voice assistants, and Bud Financial, the AI-powered data platform for smart financial transactions. 

V7 as the AI Training Data Annotation Platform of Choice

Our mission is to help customers turn data into trustworthy AI.

Our success in achieving this is best reflected in our extensive client base. We’re working with top innovators across sectors like retail, healthcare, and agriculture. We’re proud to enable the development of AI models solving real-world challenges, for the likes of Sony, Continental, Mauna Kea Technologies, Roche, and Bayer- to name a few.

Check out our case studies with Genmab, CattleEye, and MTC for details on how V7 meets the individual training data needs of each customer.

What can such a fast-growing AI startup offer you? 

Just three months into 2024, we’ve had a dramatic impact on the training data sector with the release of Auto-Track (seamless object segmentation in videos), and New Enhancements for Medical Image Segmentation to transform radiology projects with advanced 3D visualization, and more.


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