V7 Darwin Now Available on AWS Marketplace

AWS users can now buy V7 Darwin through the AWS Marketplace.
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March 12, 2024

This week we’re delighted to announce that V7 Darwin is now available on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace - Amazon’s curated digital catalog of software solutions. This will make it even easier for ML, AI, Computer Vision and Data Science teams to seamlessly find, buy, and deploy our solution for building visual AI products. 

V7 turns data into trustworthy AI, powering the products that solve our customer’s hardest problems. V7 Darwin enables teams to label image and video training data 10x faster, accelerating AI product development. Joint customers of AWS and V7 so far include Merck, Bayer, and InformAI.

V7 and AWS

Continuing our flourishing partnership with AWS, this next step builds on our existing S3 configuration, enabling customers to keep their data stored within their private buckets. Darwin is also fully integrated with Amazon SageMaker for AI development, offering teams a convenient and cost-effective way to incorporate V7’s specialist imaging capabilities, for e.g. Medical DICOM annotation, within their SageMaker plan.

What are the key benefits?

Simplified Procurement & Consolidated Billing  

For many businesses, long multi-step procurement processes prevent timely access to the latest technology. By purchasing through the AWS Marketplace, teams can streamline and consolidate all their billing through their existing AWS invoices. With the ability to manage and renew product subscriptions through a buyer’s AWS account, organizations can limit procurement friction using familiar payment terms. 

That means AWS users can get started with V7 Darwin with just a few clicks.

Access to Pre-Approved Budget

Teams can now purchase V7 Darwin with their AWS Committed Cloud Spend Budget. You can exchange your organization’s committed spend for accelerated and highly accurate training data creation, supporting your AI development.

Organizations using AWS also have access to “Private Offers” based on individual use cases and requirements. 

Increased Data Security & Compliance

With our S3 integration, customers are able to keep all their data in their own data buckets. On Marketplace, AWS users have increased visibility to, and protection under our joint compliance and security certifications with AWS including HIPAA, GDPR, FDA & SOC 2 Type II.

Alberto Rizzoli, CEO and Co-Founder of V7 reflected on the announcement:
We’re thrilled to further accelerate our partnership with AWS. We’ve already reached significant milestones in our journey together so far, launching integrations with Sagemaker - but getting onto the Marketplace is our way of further simplifying the customer journey for AI and ML teams creating training data for AI research.”

To get started on your training data journey, find our AWS Marketplace listing here, or search for “V7 Darwin” at 

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