AWS and V7: A Partnership to Accelerate AI Development

V7 and AWS have partnered, with a shared mission to evolve, accelerate, and fuel modern AI-product development. We dive into the details of this historic union.
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October 10, 2023

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a globally respected cloud computing and API provider, delivering the world’s most popular cloud services with over 200 featured services. Over 1 million customers worldwide look to AWS to lower their costs, boost their agility, and innovate at the pace needed to take the industry lead.

That’s why today we’re excited to announce V7’s formal partnership with AWS, to equip V7 and AWS joint customers with a seamlessly secure experience protecting their most precious asset: data.

Who are V7 and AWS?

V7 is a powerful training data platform for creating impactful AI. For over five years, we've backed businesses building superior AI products, with customers like Huawei, Genmab, and Abyss, who rely on us for training data ops, dataset management, model training, and their 'human in the loop' element. Below, you can see where V7 sits in the AI-powered product pipeline. 

v7 in an ai-powered product pipeline

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a subsidiary of Amazon, providing on-demand cloud computing solutions that have propelled the business into the technological stratosphere. Today, AWS has over 1 million active users across 190 countries, aligning closely with V7’s global reach.

Together, V7 and AWS are setting the foundations for a bright technological future - driven by effective AI, computer vision, and machine learning solutions. Through this partnership, V7 cements its position as an enterprise-ready platform, operating at the highest possible standards to back customer projects with enterprise-grade architecture. 

Similarly, this partnership showcases the commitment of AWS to AI tooling that ultimately produces trustworthy, compliant, and impactful AI products. 

What the V7 and AWS partnership means for customers

With V7’s offering increasingly being used by enterprise customers around the world, seamless connectivity with a customer’s data stack is critical. 

AWS customers can now, with the launch of this partnership, take confidence and comfort in the knowledge that V7’s security meets the highest security standards and that their data is not only safe but is ready to be turned into powerful products. 

Finally, AWS being added to V7’s growing tech ecosystem enhances customers’ efficiencies in their total data stack. For example, customers can now surface their data directly into V7 from S3 for labeling, model training, and inferencing and then send it to partnered AI/ML Data storage partners (such as Databricks) seamlessly. This accelerates development and de-risks deployment of AI products that make a real difference to their business.  

- V7 Co-Founder, Alberto Rizzoli

With this partnership, V7 is now a fully approved, trusted AWS partner, seamlessly in sync with AWS—to speed up innovation, de-risk AI development, and streamline the costs of enterprises bringing cutting-edge solutions to the market.

As established partners united in their goal to advance AI development, V7, and AWS customers can now benefit from: 

Bolstered expertise and accelerated deployment

V7 and AWS Solution Architects will now have a deeper knowledge of each other’s tools, accelerating the deployment of customer applications and workloads on AWS. This shared knowledge streamlines planning, simplifies architectural design, and overall delivers faster time-to-market - by providing customers with a complete AI product development path, rather than a narrow section of one.

Now, when customers ask how to integrate with V7, AWS Solution Architects can quickly produce the recipe for success, ensuring customers rise to the top in process and outcome. 

Optimized solution design

The combined knowledge of V7, AWS, and other partners can help customers achieve an optimized solution design that fits uniquely to their needs. 

Given the bespoke combination of ingredients needed for success, we can ensure customers always have access to the right blend of tools.

Whether that’s building custom applications, implementing data analytics solutions, or migrating complex workloads, V7 can better design a solution that aligns with customers’ business objectives. 

Early access to new solutions

AWS continuously discovers new ways to deliver real value to their customers. Thanks to this partnership, V7 customers can also stay ahead of the curve with early insights on AWS innovations, and the steps needed to plan for their implementation. The V7 team will always be on hand to support customers with cutting-edge updates to their projects. 

Cost optimization

Data collection, training data management, and model creation can be a notoriously costly process - however, there are impactful ways of mitigating costs. 

AWS customers will soon be able to purchase V7 with their dedicated AWS budget via AWS Marketplace. This will allow consolidating billing and license management as well as streamlining the buying process for faster time-to-value.

Customers will also be able to optimize AWS spending by analyzing usage patterns, spotting cost-saving opportunities, and being alerted to resource allocation strategies. 

Security, compliance, and de-risking

Security and compliance form an essential part of trustworthy AI development. Through this partnership, customers now benefit from guidance on designing and implementing secure architectures, conducting assessments, and ensuring compliance with industry regulations. 

Similarly, this partnership dramatically reduces the risk involved with cloud adoption, migration, and management.

What’s next? 

For V7 and AWS, this is just the beginning. With a common goal of accelerated AI development, this partnership has huge potential for AWS and V7 customers alike. 

To ensure customers gain every ounce of benefit from this union - we would love to hear your feedback, comments, or questions on this partnership. 

Thank you from everyone at V7 for choosing Darwin for your AI product development. Now bolstered by this AWS partnership, we can’t wait to see you further evolve data into tangible impact. 

To keep the conversation going, connect with us on LinkedIn or book a chat using the links below:

  • Danielle Wilson—Global Tech Alliances at V7 (LinkedIn)
  • Mark Cox-Smith—Customer Engineering Lead at V7 (LinkedIn)
  • Thomas Maskell-New—AWS Account Manager (LinkedIn)
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