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How Velmeni Uses V7 to Aid Dental Pathology Detection

Predictive AI and automated diagnostics
Company Industry
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Dental prediction and detection
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11-50 employees
Silicon Valley, California
“I have worked with 600+ vendors in my life. I always look at good technology, stable company, good people, and how much a vendor is invested in your success. I found all of those things with V7.”
Product development
10x faster
Type of data
X-Ray images
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The Challenge

To improve the quality of dental diagnoses and patient outcomes, a fast-growing dental AI company, VELMENI, is developing an X-ray image analysis tool.

To achieve this, the VELMENI team needs to efficiently annotate large amounts of data and set up reliable QA workflows—while complying with the high quality and security demands of medical AI.

The Solution

V7 provided VELMENI with a data annotation and management toolset that streamlined their work and reduced costs while improving labeling accuracy.

Thanks to pixel-perfect auto-annotation features, an intuitive interface, and stellar customer support, VELMENI successfully and rapidly annotated large numbers of images and built their MVP much faster than initially anticipated.

I have worked with 600+ vendors in my life. I always look at good technology, stable company, good people, and how much a vendor is invested in your success. I found all of those things with V7.
Mini Suri
Co-founder & CEO at VELMENI
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VELMENI’s mission is to provide best-in-class AI for dental prediction and detection.

The company’s core product is an AI model that analyzes X-rays to aid dentists in identifying pathologies. The technology can discover anomalies otherwise invisible to the naked eye and provides an instant “second opinion.”

VELMENI’s goal is to improve diagnostics accuracy to help medical staff increase the speed and efficiency of treatments. Their solution impacts not just the health of dental patients but also the clinics’ bottom line—by boosting customer trust and facilitating more patient admissions.

Training data needs

Annotating large batches of X-ray images

To train their dental AI tool and ensure maximum accuracy, VELMENI’s team needed to annotate vast numbers of X-ray images as efficiently as possible.

VELMENI’s talented in-house team uses V7 to prepare datasets and set up fit-for-purpose workflows. These workflows include a complex QA stage that helps the team organize and tighten their review process. VELMENI also cooperates with dentists who annotate dental pathologies using both manual methods and V7’s auto-annotation features.

The VELMENI team has thus far labeled an impressive amount of data. These results were made possible by V7’s easy-to-use infrastructure and seamless integration with external data storage. With built-in scalability, VELMENI can continue increasing its output without compromising on performance.

Why V7

Accelerating annotation speed and quality

When searching for the right data engine, VELMENI researched and tested countless AI tools—including open-source and custom-made solutions. After extensive market research, they chose V7.

For VELMENI, the main factors differentiating V7 from its competitors were V7’s close alignment with medical AI and its exceptional customer support. The team was impressed with the technology behind the V7 platform and its commitment to continuously offer cutting-edge solutions.

In particular, V7’s medical imaging annotation features allowed the team to label X-ray images in native formats. The V7 platform’s intuitive interface also ensured easy onboarding and a streamlined labeling experience for dentists. The auto-annotation features significantly accelerated the team’s work while improving labeling accuracy. On top of that, V7’s integration with S3 allowed for seamless data transfer, eliminating time-consuming manual work.

V7’s founders and customer support team worked closely with VELMENI throughout onboarding. This continuous support allowed the team to avoid obstacles while taking full advantage of all upgrades and improvements on offer.

Before using V7, VELMENI reported that the annotators spent much more time on manual labeling while the in-house team was tied up with correcting and cleaning up annotations. Now, armed with precise auto-annotation, AI-enhanced workflows, quality assurance, and an intuitive interface, VELMENI could experience an accelerated pace of work, bolstered by higher accuracy rates.

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V7 improved our annotation speed and accuracy. I was able to get my MVP out very quickly, and I credit V7 for that.
Mini Suri
Co-founder & CEO at VELMENI

Developing medical AI products faster

V7 allowed VELMENI to train a highly accurate model much faster than anticipated—the annotation process was accelerated ten times, streamlining time-to-delivery.

With improved annotation speed, clearer workflows, and improved quality assurance processes, VELMENI successfully minimized costs and de-risked its product development. Backed by V7’s customer success team, VELMENI continues to test new V7 solutions to stay on top of rapidly changing AI advancements and further improve the quality and efficiency of their work.

In the words of VELMENI’s CEO, “I was able to get my MVP out very quickly, and I give the credit for that to V7.”

With their MVP ready, the company is introducing the tool to the market and continuing to build a product that will boost the quality of dental diagnoses.

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