V7 Listed Among Top 10 Tech Companies in 2023 Sifted Report

The results are in! Sifted has revealed its top 100 most promising B2B SaaS companies, and to our delight, V7 has made it to the top ten. We dive into the report and touch upon the year AI has had.
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July 5, 2023

Sifted’s Rising 100 Report has officially revealed the most promising B2B SaaS businesses in Europe and Israel, packed with a diverse cohort that reflects many of the technological shifts of the last 12 months. From AI to automation, the technical darlings of 2022/23 have made the list - reflecting in Sifted’s own words, the “companies of consequence” set to “solve critical problems and offer real-world value to their customers”. 

We’re honored to say, V7 has scooped a top ten spot among Sifted’s 100 rising stars, for our enterprise-ready platform that turns images and video into training data for AI. 

Below we tackle some of the report highlights, from the B2B greats that took the top spot, to the AI innovators joining us in building the future of B2B technology.

Amongst B2B SaaS Greats

Securing the 9th spot in Sifted’s top 100, V7 shares the list with a number of exciting “Soonicorns”, already making seismic shifts within their industry. Securing Sifted’s number one spot is Pigment, delivering enterprise software for finance, revenue, and HR teams. The business planning platform is closely followed by no-code robotics company Wandelbots, and online gaming lab, HOMA Games

Imparting some hard-earned wisdom, Pigment Co-Founder Eléonore Crespo had this to say for other burgeoning companies, “Pay attention to your product. Never launch unless your product is going to be world-class.”

AI Becomes Top of Class

This commitment to world-class products is best exemplified within the AI industry, which hurtled onto mainstream headlines in the last year. At the center of a media frenzy, spurred on by advances in generative AI and LLMs, the success stories of this space have worked hard to separate hype from tangible reality. 

V7 shares the AI podium with future-focused innovators like Weaviate (on a mission to wrangle unstructured data), Run:ai (dutifully optimizing ML models), and PolyAI (creating powerful customer-led voice assistants), with the report listing a total of 38 businesses that state AI is central to their business

For these companies establishing the future of technology, a shared commitment to reliability and impact is evident. And, that commitment is reflected in the confidence of their investors, who invested a total of €8.49bn in funding to the companies on this list - all of which are less than seven years old. This vote of confidence is a particularly impressive feat, against the backdrop of some of the most financially uncertain years since the 2008 crash.

V7 Solidifies its Spot as the AI Training Engine of Choice

AI promises an exciting new route to innovation, thanks in no small part to the impressive leaps taken across generative AI, LLMs, and Foundation Models. However, to realize the benefits of AI, businesses need to develop robust product development pipelines that prioritize accuracy, reliability, and pace. 

This is exactly where V7 comes in, with a low-code solution that bridges the gap between data and functioning AI. Interviewed for the Sifted report, V7 founder Alberto Rizzoli envisions a better AI world fueled by V7, 

“AI could notify doctors about critical patients and book operating rooms; it’s going to do excellent business administration.” 

This is reflected in V7’s client base, a diverse collection of commercial innovators spread across healthcare, life sciences, and AgTech - to name but a few. Using V7, businesses like Boston Scientific, GE Healthcare, and Continental are realizing the real-world impact of AI - while delivering products that build a better world.

Alberto goes on to say, “Gen AI will create important ‘octopus employees’, that do a little bit of everything in your workplace. But first, we need to make sure AI is getting the right knowledge fed into it - and that’s where we come in.”

To drive that mission, V7 has had a number of exciting product launches in 2023, from SAM-powered Auto-Annotate features to new and improved workflows and a new properties system for foundation model labeling.

What can a Top 100 Training Data Platform do for You?

We’re just halfway through the year, with plenty more to come on the AI horizon. To keep up to date on some of the changes coming to V7, you can head to our product updates page, where we reveal the technical leaps taken to keep our customers at the cutting edge of AI.

Keen to see V7 in action? You can try V7’s labeling functionality for free or request a demo to see what a best-in-class training data platform can do for you.

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