V7 & Digital Divide Data Announce Strategic Partnership For Ethical AI Advancement

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Digital Divide Data, recognized as a leading technology-enabled data preparation services provider, headquartered in New York.
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February 26, 2024

Today we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Digital Divide Data, recognized as a leading technology-enabled data preparation services provider, headquartered in New York.

By integrating Digital Divide Data's network of skilled annotators (who are provided fair wages and new opportunities from low-income countries), with V7’s visual data annotation platform, this collaboration will deliver highly accurate training data for enterprise AI and endorse the importance of positive social impact in AI practices.

V7 and Digital Divide Data customers can benefit from our combined experience delivering solutions in the automotive, retail, and agricultural sectors. With our partnership, teams can expect the following:

Highly accurate Training Data

This partnership connects V7’s AI-assisted annotation tools and quality reporting dashboards with Digital Divide Data’s team of over 3,500 expert data labellers to deliver high-quality annotations throughout your data stack.

Faster Data Delivery

Combining the expert familiarity of Digital Divide Data’s teams using V7s Auto-ML stack, this partnership aims to accelerate the delivery of large-scale training datasets. This brings the benefit of avoiding the cumbersome time management of training a customer’s own ML engineers, enabling teams to deploy AI products swiftly.

Industry enterprise expertise

Our partnership brings dual expertise to data handling in industries such as the automotive, retail, and agricultural sectors. By combining our AI video annotation tools with Digital Divide Data’s proficiency in annotating over 500K miles of footage for L2 and L4 training data sets, we're accelerating the delivery of impactful training data to the automotive industry, enhancing speed and accuracy.

An example of one of the many agricultural use cases being worked on by DDD and V7.

What do our leaders have to say?

Alberto Rizzoli, CEO of V7 reflected on the partnership: 

“Digital Divide Data has consistently reached the quality required by teams developing frontier computer vision model. This partnership will help solidify a larger network of highly skilled labelers for V7 to develop the next generation of AI, and I can’t wait to see what we will build together”

Sameer Raina, CEO of Digital Divide Data also shared his perspective:

“This partnership signifies a milestone journey towards best-in-class solutions for our customers - combining experts-in-the-loop with a technology platform for AI model management, auto annotation and advanced analytics. With the V7 partnership, DDD enhances its ability to support enterprise-grade AI projects with the flexibility and agility that is needed to deliver accelerated business outcomes.”

What’s Next?

For V7 and Digital Divide Data this represents the start of an exciting partnership to scale data support for companies advancing AI in the automotive, retail, and agricultural industries. Following today’s announcement, we’re looking forward to combining our expertise to back more AI teams and continue promoting the importance of positive social impact in the current AI landscape. 

Who are V7 and Digital Divide Data?

V7 is a leading training data platform, enabling organizations to seamlessly create, label, query, and manage extensive visual datasets for impactful and trustworthy AI. Trusted by Roche, Miele, Sony, Bayer and Merck - V7 has enabled a wide range of pioneering companies to accelerate AI product delivery, standardize AI development and reduce costs in the process - making computer vision a less painful process.

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Digital Divide Data delivers high-quality, experts-in-loop end-to-end data preparation solutions to Fortune 500 companies and the world’s leading academic institutions. Their vision is a world where youth can develop themselves through education and employment. DDD has pioneered the impact sourcing model of offering employment in data annotation, data curation, and Gen AI services to people from underserved communities. This socially responsible approach to performing work provides these individuals with a path to economic self-sufficiency.

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