Computer Vision with Elixir at V7

Getting computer vision solutions to run smoothly at scale calls for a solid architecture.
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January 13, 2021

Our founders, Alberto Rizzoli and Simon Edwardsson discuss how V7 uses Elixir, Phoenix, and Cowboy to power the web platform.

“V7 is a web platform to create the sense of sight. A hub for machine learning and software engineers to develop their computer vision projects with data set management, image/video labeling, and one-click model training to automate any visual task.”

“Elixir has been present inside the company since day one, back in August 2018. Andrea Azzini, the first engineer at V7, was the one responsible for introducing it. He believed the language would be a good fit for the challenges ahead of them based on his experience running Elixir in production.”

Read the full story here: Orchestrating computer vision with Elixir at V7

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