V7 & TaskUs Announce Strategic Partnership To Enable Enterprise AI Product Delivery

V7 and TaskUs are partnering to combine expertise in AI & data annotation to accelerate AI product development at some of the world’s biggest technology companies.
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March 25, 2024

Today we are delighted to formally announce our strategic partnership with TaskUs, one of the world’s fastest growing BPO providers, and combine our expertise in AI & data annotation to revolutionize the efficiency of visual training data creation for AI product development at some of the world’s biggest technology companies. 

With a demonstrable track record of backing enterprise retail, healthcare, and asset management industries, V7 & TaskUs customers can benefit from the following:

Accelerating training data delivery

Our partnership with TaskUs aims to slash development cycles and enable enterprises to launch AI products significantly faster. The integration of TaskUs’ teams of expert annotators trained on V7’s latest Auto-ML stack for swift annotation and iteration looks to achieve rapid progression on all projects in a true human-in-the-loop approach. 

Reducing costs of training data production

Training TaskUs’ teams of subject matter experts to accelerate training data delivery using V7’s model-assisted labeling stack, reduces the ramp time of a customer’s own engineers and consequently mitigates the associated costs of wasted data production- a common cause of spiraling AI budgets.

Enterprise-ready solutions

This partnership supports the growing needs of enterprise AI projects by integrating TaskUs’ expandable pool of over 617,000 annotators with V7's data infrastructure, capable of managing millions of image & video files. For industry-specific requirements our joint solution supports specialist data types like DICOM, and includes access to over 25,000 Medicine and Health Practitioners, 18,000 Psychologists, and 14,000 Chemists for expert annotations. 

Within this collaboration, we will continue to value a security-first approach to data handling, so teams can retain all data within their own cloud storage, and are protected by SOC2 Type 2, Iso27001, GDPR, and HIPAA Certifications.

Thoughts from the team:

“So many of our largest customers are under pressure to deliver vs their AI roadmap at speed. The AI and ML leaders we work with need to move away from R&D to Proof of Concept to Production AI, and reduce their time-to-deployment for their models. By partnering with TaskUs, we are able to enable them on this journey - bringing deep industry expertise from their work with some of the giants of the tech industry.”

"We are thrilled about our strategic partnership with V7, marking a transformative phase in AI product development. This collaboration underscores our dedication to innovation and efficiency, enabling enterprises to expedite AI product launches. Together, we are ushering in a new era of training data creation for the world's leading technology companies."

DVP of Global Offerings, TaskUs

What’s next?

For V7 and TaskUS this is only the beginning of our unified goal to streamline and scale data annotation. Following today’s announcement, we are excited to offer a combined end-to-end solution for training data production, with a collaborative go-to-market approach, widening our impact on the computer vision space in a range of critical industries. 

About V7

V7 is a leading training data platform, enabling organizations to seamlessly create, label, query, and manage extensive visual datasets for impactful and trustworthy AI. Trusted by Roche, Miele, Mars Petcare, Sony, Bayer and Merck - V7 has enabled a wide range of pioneering companies to accelerate AI product delivery, standardize AI development and reduce costs in the process - making computer vision a less painful process.

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About TaskUs

TaskUs is a leading provider of outsourced digital services and next-generation customer experience to the world’s most innovative companies, helping its clients represent, protect, and grow their brands. Leveraging a cloud-based infrastructure, TaskUs serves clients in the fastest-growing sectors, including social media, e-commerce, gaming, streaming media, food delivery and ride-sharing, Technology, FinTech, and HealthTech. As of December 31, 2023, TaskUs had a worldwide headcount of approximately 48,200 people across 28 locations in 12 countries, including the United States, the Philippines, and India.

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