Meet V7 at Weights & Biases’ Fully Connected EMEA 2024

Join us as Silver Sponsors of the Fully Connected EMEA conference hosted by Weights & Biases, in London on the 15th May 2024.
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April 5, 2024

V7 is delighted to announce that we will be Silver Sponsors of the Fully Connected EMEA Conference by Weights & Biases, in London on the 15th May 2024. 

The companies responsible for building the latest cutting-edge technologies, and shaping the future of Machine Learning for MLOps, LLMs, and GenAI, will be combining their expertise in keynotes, deep dive sessions, and break out rooms in Sancroft, overlooking St. Paul's Cathedral this spring.

Why meet V7?

Among 1,000+ of the brightest AI, ML, and Data Science teams, Thomas Varsavsky (AI Ecosystem Manager) will be discussing how the next era of AI products, designed to solve the world’s hardest problems, are being built with V7.

We’re looking forward to taking an active part in these discussions, showcasing our latest solutions for accelerating AI product development for a range of use cases including: radiology, digital pathology, autonomous retail experiences, and agricultural AI. As well as new offerings for automating multi-modal tasks, using GenAI reliably, and at scale.

V7's Co-founder and CEO, Alberto Rizzoli, will also be speaking on "Abstracting Complexities - Making AI easy for 99% of users:"

"The role of ML engineers is evolving from tuning parameters to make models perform better, to building systems that require no tuning at all, so that the maximum number of users can gain value from it. This talk will explore which of today’s knobs and dials used to configure AI models are making their way into enterprise AI products, and how they can be reshaped into features with better interaction design than text chat. We will explore the translation of LLM outputs into good user experience design, and how reductionist we can be with settings and parameters across different use cases such as document processing, KYC, email understanding and other multi-modal tasks."‍

To learn more about V7 or meet us at Fully Connected EMEA, drop us an email at

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