AI in Business Podcast: Separating Hype from Impact with V7

Enterprises worldwide are preparing to embrace AI. However, for non-technical leaders, how do you separate AI hype from impact? V7 Co-Founder Alberto Rizzoli joins the AI in Business Podcast to reveal over a decades worth of expertise.
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September 7, 2023

With AI firmly in the spotlight, enterprises worldwide are preparing to embrace, scale, and overcome the hurdles of AI-product development. With a sizeable reward on the table - with nearly two trillion dollars set to be realized by 2030 - AI is having its dot-com moment, and now is the time to strike. 

Despite this, separating nauseating hype from tangible fact is a challenge, particularly when a global frenzy has arisen around the impact of AI, computer vision, and machine learning. Will large language models reshape the net? Can generative AI shut down industries at will? And is the AI juice really worth the squeeze, against the backdrop of risk, ethical qualms, and regulatory horizons?

To answer these burning questions, V7 Founder and CEO, Alberto Rizzoli joined The AI in Business Podcast to tackle the details of LLMs, predict the future of the AI tool stack, and explore the prominent use cases of AI today. 

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About Emerj and the “AI in Business Podcast”

Presented by Emerj, “The AI in Business Podcast” is for non-technical business leaders eager to source AI opportunities, align AI capabilities with strategy, and deliver impactful ROI. Each week, Senior Editor Matthew DeMello and CEO Daniel Faggella interview top AI executives from Fortune 500 firms and unicorn startups - to uncover trends, use cases, and best practices for practical AI adoption.

In this session, Matthew DeMello leads the discussion, encouraging AI expert Alberto Rizzoli to unearth insider expertise cultivated from a decade spent in AI.

About V7: Training data platform for superior products

If you’re here - you likely have an inkling as to who and what we are. However, in simple terms, we’re an AI-first software company, and the creators of Darwin, a training data platform for dataset management, annotation, and model training. Founded in 2018, we began with a mission to solve the world’s most crucial tasks - and today, we back companies like Boston Scientific, Continental, and Experian to create superior AI products. 

Separating fact from fiction

So, what’s fact, and what’s fiction, when it comes to AI? How can enterprises truly leverage the opportunity at hand? And what are the predictions of AI expert, co-founder, and computer vision creator, Alberto Rizzoli?

In episode one, Alberto and Matthew tackle the route to launching Enterprise AI and Bespoke LLMs. They cover:

  • The biggest challenges facing enterprises integrating bespoke LLMs into their organizations​​. Alberto and Matt discuss the difficulty in sourcing the right problems to target with LLMs and foundation models and the hurdle that is AI architecture.
  • Predictions for the future of the AI toolkit. Here, Alberto and Matt predict that AI will become part of day-to-day regular development, and outline what they feel is the future of tooling in this space.
  • Tying AI to business goals, promoting AI adoption, and navigating the looming risks of development. This includes embedding development safeguards, looping in subject-matter-experts, and interrogating the distribution of your data.

In episode two, we explore promising use cases of AI, including:

  • The impact and hurdles of AI in industries like healthcare, digital pathology, and retail. Here, Alberto and Matt discuss the technical challenges of certain industries and outline the steps taken to make AI-use industry agnostic.
  • How AI is changing the use and function of modern products. Here, our speakers explore how AI is reshaping how we innovate, touching on some of the areas where AI is dramatically advancing an industry.
  • The most innovative uses of AI in industry. Finally, Alberto and Matt reveal some of the most exciting uses of the technology, and highlight the out-of-the-box thinking sparking from AI.

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