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The Name

There are 6 generally recognized areas of the human visual cortex, V1 through V6. The primary visual cortex V1 enables our brain to recognize essential shapes, while the following ones extract complex meanings in color, form, and motion. We want to create a seventh area for machines, enabling them to perceive the world beyond what our brains enable us today.

540 million years ago, the Cambrian explosion gave live on earth the sense of sight, creating the fastest acceleration in species and skill diversity. We want V7 to bring forth a similar revolution - granting all automata with sight, and enabling it to multiply the tasks they can perform.

What is the company's mission?

To enable any business, large and small, to leverage the sense of sight to automate any visual task.
To achieve this, we must allow vision AI to be reliable, versatile, and easy to use. In doing so, we are ushering a new era of "living software", where the source code is training data, and the outcomes extend beyond what we humans can manually code.

The world relies on visual decision making. In medicine, engineering, or food production, we continuously see and decide upon what is seen. In a world where technology works for us, technology needs to see.
We are working towards making deep learning more robust and easier to develop, so that any business can implement state of the art AI from a single platform. If we had to make a promise, it would be that adding V7 to your tech stack brings the equivalent advantage of a machine learning & software development team of 10.
In less concrete terms, we believe any device, whether robotic, handheld, wearable, or fixed, should easily gain human-like sight and interact with the world around it once it uses V7. 99% of the impact that vision AI can have on the world is unclaimed: from economical precision agriculture, to surgical assistance, to early detection of cancer. If we make AI accessible to those who work within these fields, down to single individuals, we can truly change the fabric of our society for the better.

What is the culture like?

We aim to work on problems that you would be proud of talking about with your family and friends, or when you introduce yourself to someone for the first time. We value impact and seek partnerships where impact is massively scaled. In turn, our company is made of pragmatic individuals with  ambitions and a desire to apply their skills in a field that will radically hasten our scientific and technological progress for decades to come. We put execution before research, and research before profit. We are remote-friendly and lean on meetings. We automate micromanagement to focus on macro.

Your background and past experiences will have a lasting impact on our culture at this stage of our growth. We involve you in the planning, development, and rollout of products, and encourage you to learn new concepts and skills should you wish to.

We have a surprisingly good work-life balance, valuing the achievements over time spent at your desk. We attend machine learning conferences like NeurIPS or CVPR as a team (sometimes exhibiting) and attempt to cross pollinate ideas by interacting with other ML startups, research labs, or meetups.

Most importantly, we want your life's most pivotal work to happen during your time at V7. If you're looking for an inflection point in your career, this is the sign you're looking for.

The Office

We're keen on keeping an environment where you'd go every Monday morning without hesitation with continuous improvements driven from our team. We have stocked fridges with (mostly healthy) snacks and drinks, quality coffee from a high-end machine, teas, and occasional treats brought in by members from our team. Everyone gets a standing desk with a reclining chair and 4K monitor, and any working tools they might require. More GPUs can be requested anytime for your DL work.
The office is quiet and well heated/cooled with plenty of 5000 kelvin lighting, whiteboards, and a small area for hardware hacking.
We work near Victoria station, and once the current office is outgrown we will remain within Zone 1 close to a tube station.

Values we stand for

Nothing is more important to a young company with large goals than the excellence of its employees - in their performance, psychological wellbeing, and culture.

There is no premium coffee roast, bean-bag room, or designer standing desk that can overshadow the exceptional conduct of your fellow colleagues. At V7 we seek the kind of team members who we would fight tooth and nail to keep at our company, and who can be relied on by other members of the team with their lives' work.

It is important for your future colleague to be able to trust you from the start. We imply that you can attain the following values:


We value a workplace where everyone you interact with is someone you can learn from and respect, and wish for this cycle to be unending. Curious team members are the catalyst for inventions and features that the world is yet to experience, and that V7 is poised to bring to life. Your work is primarily creative and curiosity is one of its fuels.


A good team member will be able to turn detailed written instructions into a good product. An excellent team member is able to formulate instructions for themselves based on experience and intuition, and develop a great product that others would not have been able to fully describe in words. Intuition is built, and all great ideas are born as a hunch. Craft your intuition about our nascent industry and treasure it, as it's what will make you a better member of our team.


More-so than whether you reliably succeed, can you fail reliably? Your fellow colleagues will expect you to fail at some point - if we didn't, we'd never build anything new. When you fail, can you predict it in advance, and steer your course? We seek colleagues who don't let things slide, and don't leave stones un-turned. They're more attracted to the failure cases in a paper than the mAP charts claiming state of the art. Reliability is tested in a foxhole. Success does not make you reliable, honesty and integrity does.

Worthiness of Liberty

We will grant you freedom to take time off anytime, to be flexible with your hours, and to lead your own way through a product feature. Excellent employees pick up the trash lying on the floor and don’t wait to be told what to do, they act freely and earn this perk as they don’t need fixed processes to fulfill their objectives.


You may also apply directly by writing to us at jobs [at]

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V7 London office
V7 London officeV7 London office
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We are backed by

Dave Rosenberg

Founder, MuleSoft

We're leading the era of AI-first software

Our vision is to be the leading platform for a new breed of software ushered by deep learning. Our journey is 1% complete.
V7 focuses on vision, as it is the most difficult domain to solve via traditional software, and the most unstructured form of data to understand with neural networks. Vision AI enables the transformation of traditionally analog tasks into digital ones. Once perception can be considered a solved problem, strong vision is pivotal for control.

By 2030, every technology company in the world will need a platform like V7 to thrive in a world of living software.

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