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From panoramic X-Ray to CBCT—label your dental imaging data 10x faster and build custom AI models for better patient outcomes.

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Powering AI Pioneers

Grow & Scale Datasets

Fully centralized

Invite unlimited team members, annotators, and collaborate in real time.

Built for scale

Automate labelling of millions of images and integrate seamlessly into your pipeline.

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V7 teeth annotation

Ready-made for industry use

Customizable labeling

Outsource labeling to our team of experts, or invite unlimited team members to annotate your data.

Support for multiple formats

HIPAA, FDA, and CE compliant medical image annotation with full DICOM support.

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V7 teeth annotation

Improve model accuracy

Pixel-perfect annotation

The most accurate pixel-perfect image segmentation labeling tool. Works on any object with no prior training.

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V7 teeth annotation
David Bell headshot
Remedy Robotics
David bell, ceo & co-founder

"Thanks to V7, our models have improved because we are now able to label videos in the way that we want to. Fast and easy."

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Use Cases

Dental MRI Scan
CT and MRI Scan Analysis
X-Ray Image Analysis
Remote Patient Monitoring


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