V7 Branding Guidelines

The V7 logo and brand and any other V7 trademark should be used following the guidelines below. Customers are free to use our logo and brand following the guidelines below.

V7 Logo Square - Use this logo whenever there is a background that is either 1) not black, white, or Alice Blue, and/or 2) with a padding of more than 30pt in 3 or more directions. When in doubt, use this logo to comply with any guidelines.

V7 Logo - No Background - used on white backgrounds.
V7 Logo Dark - No Background - used on black backgrounds.
V7 Logo Standard - intended for use where the background is Alice Blue (#F1F5F9) or there is a distinct container for the logo, such as an avatar crop.

V7 Darwin Logo
V7 Darwin Logo Dark - use on black or dark backgrounds.

V7 Aipoly Logo
V7 Aipoly Logo Dark - use on black, dark, or camera-overlay backgrounds.

Logo Use Guidelines