A driving dataset for fused pose estimators and mapping algorithms

comma2k19 presents comma2k19, a dataset of over 33 hours of commute in California's 280 highway. This means 2019 segments, 1 minute long each, on a 20km section of highway driving between California's San Jose and San Francisco. comma2k19 is a fully reproducible and scalable dataset. The data was collected using comma EONs that has sensors similar to those of any modern smartphone including a road-facing camera, phone GPS, thermometers and 9-axis IMU. Additionally, the EON captures raw GNSS measurements and all CAN data sent by the car with a comma grey panda.Here we also introduced Laika, an open-source GNSS processing library. Laika produces 40% more accurate positions than the GNSS module used to collect the raw data. This dataset includes pose (position + orientation) estimates in a global reference frame of the recording camera. These poses were computed with a tightly coupled INS/GNSS/Vision optimizer that relies on data processed by Laika. comma2k19 is ideal for development and validation of tightly coupled GNSS algorithms and mapping algorithms that work with commodity sensors.

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October 31, 2023
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