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Neurons are V7's specialized AI apps, designed to excel within their domain.
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V7's defect inspection AI. Meticula was developed to spot damage, scratches, dents, or missing pieces as small as 0.01% of an image. It can also detect unforeseeable defects that may be missing from training data. Meticula can run at production-line speeds on premise, or leverage the cloud to scan high-resolution imagery.

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How Meticula Learns

No two defects are alike, so it's important that no matter which defect inspection system you wish to implement, it must be able to:

  • Learn the specific defects that occur in your use case.
  • Learn from carefully annotated data
  • Gain some form of explainability and sensitivity for thresholding
  • Where relevant, be able to detect unknown defects.

V7 Meticula is developed to cover all of the above

V7 neurons diagram

Benchmarking - Auto Annotate vs Manual Annotation

Where to deploy Meticula

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