V7 Neurons
V7 allows you to label, train, and deploy vision AI models for industrial use.
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AI Defect Inspection

Spot damage, scratches, cracks, dents, or missing pieces as small as 0.01% of an image. Detect unforeseeable defects that differ in shape from previously collected examples.

V7 allows developers to turn images and video of your defects into state of the art vision AI with semi-automated tagging, model training, and inference deployment.

Get started today by automating the detection of anomalies in your production line or manufacturing process, and bring the growing value of AI to your supply chain.

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More examples of defect inspection developed on V7

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What can you identify

No two defects are alike, but they generally fall within broad categories of appearances:

Scratch detection
Defect inspection
Crack detection computer vision
Pothole detection
Damage detection with computer vision
Flange rust detection
Unknown anomalies / missing pieces

ML-Ops defines your accuracy. We help you grow it to 99.9%.

AI performance shouldn't stop at the first training session.
Sync your product with a dataset and continually improve your AI performance by turning its output into new ground truth. Continual learning will allow your models to surpass 95% accuracy barriers and reach 99% and above as more data from your use case or product is supervised by humans, and learnt by your AI.

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accurate labeling with v7 darwin
Fast labeling on V7 Darwin
image dataset
Newly collected images or video
model training and pruning
Training & active learning

Zero to State of the Art

Bring AI to life from day 1. With the fast pace of deep learning's state of the art, V7 ensures that on-platform models are the most accurate on the market. By continually updating our architecture, and leveraging an extensively pre-trained backbone, your models will always maximize precision and recall.

Instance Segmentation (Object Detection + Segmentation) benchmark:

V7 Neurons (VoVNet)

Average Precision
Inference speed (FPS)

Mask R-CNN (Detectron2)

Average Precision
Inference speed (FPS)


Average Precision
Inference speed (FPS)

Model backbone benchmark:

V7 Neurons (Ours)

Average Precision - Detection
AP - Masking


Average Precision - Detection
AP - Masking


Average Precision - Detection

Benchmarks were performed on the MS-COCO dataset. COCO is largely composed of large, frame-filling objects that are easy to detect by modern neural network architectures. V7 Neurons outperformed Mask-RCNN primarily on the detection of small and uncommon objects, which matter most in industry cases.

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Dataset Management

AutoML model training to solve visual tasks or auto-label your datasets, and a scalable inference engine to launch your project.