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Our Mission

V7's mission is to accelerate our understanding of the natural world through machine vision by enabling any device to gain the sense of sight. In order to do so, we must enable vision AI to be easily trained and deployed at scale, and furthermore deeply integrated into meaningful industries.
We are working towards making deep learning easier and more accessible to use, so that any business can implement state of the art AI from a single platform without requiring a team of machine learning scientists.

The name

There are 6 generally recognized areas of the human visual cortex, V1 through V6. The primary visual cortex V1 enables our brain to recognize essential shapes, while the following ones extract complex meanings in color, form, and motion. We want to create a seventh area for machines, enabling them to perceive the world beyond what our brains enable us today.

540 million years ago, the Cambrian explosion gave live on earth the sense of sight, creating the fastest acceleration in species and skill diversity. We want V7 to bring forth a similar revolution - granting all automata with sight, and enabling it to multiply the tasks they can perform.

We are backed by

Dave Rosenberg

Founder, MuleSoft

We're leading the era of AI-first software

Our vision is to be the leading platform for a new breed of software ushered by deep learning. Our journey is 1% complete.
V7 focuses on vision, as it is the most difficult domain to solve via traditional software, and the most unstructured form of data to understand with neural networks. Vision AI enables the transformation of traditionally analog tasks into digital ones. Once perception can be considered a solved problem, strong vision is pivotal for control.

By 2030, every technology company in the world will need a platform like V7 to thrive in a world of living software.

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V7 Labs & CloudFactory Release Annotated X-Ray Dataset to Aid in COVID-19 Research


“There isn't a labeled dataset of this level of scale and diversity out there,’’ says Rizzoli, the co-founder of V7. “What we've seen is companies have rushed to the media to publish results on models that use the whole picture of an X-ray and perform classification.”

7 Things We Looked for in a Video Labelling Tool

Towards Data Science
Alberto Rizzoli

In July 2020, V7 Labs released its video annotation tool. This was part of a 6 month development journey. Here’s what we had to look out for, which will inevitably affect the quality of your machine learning projects.

Merck KGaA Partners With Startup for Image Tagging Software

Jeremy Kahn

Merck KGaA, the German pharmaceutical and chemicals company, is teaming up with a London-based startup called V7 to create software that scientists can use to tag images for future use in training artificial intelligence software.

Orchestrating computer vision with Elixir at V7 - By José Valim, creator of Elixir

José Valim

Founded in 2018 by Alberto Rizzoli and Simon Edwardsson, V7 uses Elixir, Phoenix, and Cowboy to power their web platform, responsible for managing large amounts of data and orchestrating dozens of Python nodes to carry out machine learning jobs.